Port Agency Services:
SEASCAPE packs punch- we endeavor to make our Principal’s vessel’s port call anywhere in India both efficient and profitable. Consistent cost and time savings unmatched by others in the local arena define our service delivery to our Principals.  This is possible due to the Brand’s clout and our veterans’ unique LOCAL finesse and network.  All in all, the entire SEASCAPE experience is designed to free the Principal’s unproductive attention on operational tasks.
Although, Seascape’s Transnational Hub Headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra; operationally we are available wherever our clients require us to be.
Highlights of the Port Agency Services:

  • Localized OPA Services and Hub Agency
  • Vessel Pre Arrival Notice and Opertaional Tracking
  • Dispatch of PORT Circulars and Regulatory Updates

Supply and Support Services:
A whole set of separate logistical systems and support are necessary to ensure smooth execution of operational activity. SEASCAPE is developing the required ancillary node systems to ensure seamless service delivery. In keeping with the integrated service package, SEASCAPE has managed to secure the following services:

  • Owner’s Husbandry Services  and Bunker supply procurement
  • Barge / Supply Vessel Co-ordination.

Administration and Documentation
Live operations backed by reliable documentary evidence and support are indispensable. At SEASCAPE, we realize the criticality of the back office processes. Our systems are thus crafted to ensure prompt and smooth flow of both, real time information and due funds.
Highlights include:

  • Centralized Billing and Accounting
  • PDA Generation and Validation
  • Inward / Outward Cargo Document Clearance